Pinterest Project: The Great Twisting Challenge

By now almost everyone has heard of Pinterest and for many it’s become an obsession. From recipes and crafts, to clothes, scenic photographs, and funny quotes, it’s a great time-waster. I will admit that I quickly got sucked in and decided to make homemade gifts for Christmas.

My first project was to recreate this wreath. The blog post said it took about a day and I had a bunch of smutty romance novels laying around, so one Saturday I started what I now not-so-lovingly call “The Great Twisting Challenge.”

I twisted three paperbacks worth of flowers over the course of a month in order to recreate the pinned project. Apparently, I didn’t read the directions correctly or have the sizing correct on the paper rosettes. Below is my twisting timeline. Moral of the Story: Yes, you can make that amazing thing on Pinterest, it just might not be as easy as you’d expect.

ImageAfter spending so much time on the wreath, which at this point I now was calling the “god-damned wreath” (and a few other choice words), I just couldn’t imagine giving it away for Christmas. So I selfishly kept it. It hangs on my condo door and already people are asking if I can make them one. “No, I cannot, but I’ll give you some smutty novels to make your own. Oh and make BIG flowers — it’s easier to play hide-and-go-seek for the naughty words!”