What’s in a Name…

Why name my future boutique Studio Gatz ? Well, I first must admit I’m obsessed with my golden doodle puppy Gatsby and he is part of the reason for the name. Here he is looking very intelligent:

Gatsby in Glasses

But he’s named after the book (for those who can’t remember American Lit —  it’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby). And why do I like the book? Well besides being a classic, it’s set in the Roaring 20s and one thing you need to know about me is that I was born in the wrong decade.  Also, I must say I think Gatsby looks a little like Robert Redford, you know, if I combed and parted his hair.

Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby

My crafts, as I mentioned, mix a little vintage into today’s designs, so what better way to show that than by modernizing Gatsby into Gatz.